Village Water Zambia is a Non Governmental Organisation working with the disadvantaged rural people in Zambia. Village Water Zambia was registered as an NGO in Zambia on the 17th of May 2007 and with registration Number RNGO/101/0094/13. 

Our Vision

A country where all people live dignified lives.

Our Mission

To support sustainable and innovative water and sanitations solutions that help people improve their lives and support their productivity.

Our Target Groups

Village Water Zambia Targets the poor rural and peri urban communities. The rural communities (Villages) are mostly located in remote and difficult to reach areas and the peri urban communities on the periphery of the major cities and both these groups tend to be under serviced by the service providers. Village Water Zambia uses an inclusive targeting approach where most of its projects are designed to benefit the disdavantaged groups such as children, people living with disabilities and women. To ensure inclusiveness, the organization targets schools (to cover school going children), health facilities (to cover children under the age of 5 and pregnant women), and construction of infrastruture that meets the needs of people living with disabilities.